It's the age-old story.

Woman has job as a strategist and copywriter for big brands like Virgin Media, Three Mobile and The Rolling Stones. 


Woman enjoys job but wants something more fulfilling. 


Woman goes on a retreat in Portugal, meets a bunch of social innovators and creatives who combine what they do with what they love (the natural world). 


Woman is inspired and rekindles a love of everything outdoors, becomes an environmentalist and sets out on a path to use her skills to support companies who want to have a positive impact on the world.

Woman, me - Charlotte Raffo,

starts This Way. 

What gets us excited...

Wild ideas


At some point, perhaps at the end of a long evening in the pub, you asked ‘what if we..?’ and it kick-started your business. We like that mindset. Bold, fresh, risky, exciting. A step was taken. A path was forged. Where will it go next?


Collective brainpower


No person is an island (apart from Richard Branson). Especially not as an entrepreneur. You need that outside perspective, thinking partners and customers to support you as you grow. That’s why we’re here. It’s literally our job.


A good plan and the right map


You wouldn’t set off on an expedition without a map. Ok, maybe YOU would. But generally, the consensus is that it’s not a great idea. Neither is it in business. You can buy many maps, and they’ll all take you to great places, but finding the one which gets you to where you want to be is as important as following it.